Legacy Telecommunication (SDH, TDM & SONET)

Our business customers are asking for IP Ethernet services.  But much of their network infrastructure is built on a SONET/SDH/TDM foundation that wasn’t designed for IP Ethernet.  We will work closely to understand your existing network and repurpose this network to deliver premium IP Ethernet services.


Offer premium business Ethernet services over existing SONET/SDH/TDM network.


Existing SONET/SDH/TDM equipment does not support advanced CoS and Ethernet OAM functionality required.


Consultants and IT experts will propose a solution to quickly provide fully managed premium IP Ethernet services.


  • Deliver premium Ethernet service from 1Mbps to 1Gbps over existing transport
  • Reduce and defer CapEx compared to complete Ethernet overlay network
  • Integrated service OAM eliminates the need for separate NID
  • Using existing network makes service turn-up very fast
  • Meet customer demand for multi-CoS and service performance reporting
  • Retain reliability of underlying SONET/SDH/TDM transport
  • Standards based mapping protocols easily integrates into your network
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Voice & Unified Communications / IP Telephony/ IP PBX

What are Telephony Solutions?

Telephony is your network backbone—serving all employees whether they are within your corporate walls, at remote locations, or mobile.

By integrating voice traffic into their network, organizations realize cost savings on their telecommunications service charges and reduce costs typically associated with deploying or relocating employee phone systems. In addition, telephony ultimately results in a more effective way to communicate by integrating with existing information technology systems such as e-mail or instant messaging (IM). The integration of other applications can provide a seamless communications experience.

How Will Telephony Solutions Benefit My Organization?

Telephony solutions can help you to:

  • Save over traditional PBX-based telephony systems
  • Connect users quickly and easily, no matter their location
  • Add phone lines more quickly and cost‑efficiently

What Comprises a Telephony Solution?

An effective telephony solution can consist of one or more of the following features:

Single Number Reach

Single number reach integrates multiple devices regardless of platform (cellular, analog, digital or IP) into a single number allowing the simultaneous search and ring of desk phone, cell phone, smartphone, etc. Consequently, customers and coworkers only require one number rather than multiple numbers, eliminating guesswork.

Soft Phone

A soft phone is a telephony application that places handset functionality onto your laptop. As long as you have access to your corporate network, you can send and receive calls, check voicemail, view call logs, initiate and participate in conference calling functions, and access any other feature of your desk phone.

Voice and Data Services

Voice and data services encompass both wired and wireless lines that provide access to voice and data communications. Planning a telephony solution is an ideal time to revisit your existing coverage, plan options, and rates to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings.


Conferencing, a key component of a telephony solution, incorporates audio, video and Web-based technologies. It can be designed for peer-to-peer communication, room-to-room or high definition, life-like conferencing.

Reporting Analytics and Management

These telephony tools allow organizations to run detailed call reports and monitor telephony systems.

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